Tuesday, 2 October 2018

#TakeItBack: "2018 will Begin the March to Freedom from Political Insanity." -Angela Uyi


Arise O compatriots!
Arise Nigerian Youths!
Arise and stay woke; let your aluta consciousness be awoken.
Arise and let this revolutionary spirit trigger the Mob in us all.

We, the Nigerian people have become mentally defiant and incredibly determined because we know that the demons of the Nigeria nation have used Religion, Ethnicity, Tribalism and Corruption to manipulate us into supporting their criminality. Now we say #WeRise to #TakeItBack; Enough is Enough.
We, the People are Sacrificing everything to have a Country that can give the masses hope for a better day while the political leaders are using public office to enrich themselves while thinking we are keeping quiet because of our eternal docility.
They are using taxpayers money to provide world class security for themselves while they watch the ongoing mass killings in the country with amusement.
They know how to protect themselves against the people yet, they can't provide security for our children and also watched them abducted by evil minded people who will subject our daughters to only God knows what.
Tell them, tell them we have seen the hypocrisy of the President Buhari led federal government that proclaim the absolute equality of the citizens but give power and privileges to a small elite.
Tell them, tell them that we are not docile and our silence is not because we are afraid to give them physical confrontation.
Tell them, tell them that just like in the days of old we will flood them with the Force of 30 million; The Ruggedness of a Vexed Youth; The determination of a frustrated  Populace; The resolve of an angry People; The Realization of a USED Electorate; The Mindset of an Informed MOB and the Energy of a Patient Monk....In the Heart of all Nigerian there is a Revolution Brewing; In the Soul of our People is an Infinite Resistance to the Status Quo;  Our MINDS are Made up; Our Spirit is LOCKED and our Resolve is UNBREAKABLE.
Tell them, tell them that in every nooks and crannies of Nigeria will be the thundering Marching footsteps of a People's Army and in the Hearts of 180million Nigerians a Dogged Chant of....
This is our Revolution; This is our Battle; This is our War and This is our Nationalism.
Never again will they prevent the rise and success of Nigerianalism by using regionalism and Religionalism as a means to gain political power.
Tell them, tell them #WeRise for we know that a people United in pains, hunger, anger, vexation and eternal frustration can never be intimidated into silence.
Tell them, tell them that we know freedom is not freely given but comes with struggle and we are fit to Take our country back and give total freedom to the masses.
Tell them, tell them that we will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like a river and righteousness like a mighty stream.
Tell them, tell them that this our comeback  is Explosive, very Controversial, it will shaking the foundation of our docility. At the end of the day 2018 will Begin the March to Freedom from Political Insanity.
Tell them, tell them we are coming.
Tell them, never again would we allow Omoyele Sowore to fight the demonic leaders alone, we are with him in this fire like struggle and our victory will be eternal.
Cogito ergo sum, I think therefore I am. I am Angela Uyi (Mama Naija)
Aluta eternal
Email: angelaeuyi@gmail.com
Whatsapp: +2348082153046


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