Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Rise Against Killings Of Innocent People Of All Faiths,(Islam,Christianity,Jews,Hinduism) In The Name Of Religion; By Sadiq Umar Abdullahi-


Muslims killed by Christians in Kaduna had their bodies transported home in batches with an estimated number of over 200 lives is a heinous and the most barbaric act for almost a decade in the name of religion as opposed to insurgency in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

However, it is unfair to instantaneously start killing innocent Christians on sight that knew nothing about it and had nothing to do with the crime that was committed at areas that they are considered as minorities.
The crimes committed were outright murder and all individuals and accomplices will stand before Allah SWA to account and be judged for their actions. This gives credence to the verses in the HOLY QURAN and "HADITH" of the Prophet Mohammed (SAW),that states," there will come a time when people will not know or have a reason why they are killing others, while the person being killed will not know why he/she is being killed".

You never know the Christian or Muslim that has been and still protecting your fellow faithful brother/sister in all faiths across the Nigeria and the entire globe to a larger extent.
The Muslims killing innocent Christians and the Christians killing innocent Muslims for crimes they know nothing about and fall as victims of circumstances, being in the wrong place at the wrong time will most certainly have their day in the Court of Allah SWA/God Almighty, "The God of Adam,(AS),Moses,(AS),Isa, Jesus Christ,(AS) and Mohammed,(PBUH) and all his Messenger that came with HIS warnings and commandments to Mankind,(Sons of Adam).
Their acts are without a doubt cowardice and wrong, PERIOD! May Allah SWA/God Almighty continue to bless, guide and protect us with his infinite wisdom and mercy. Amin Ya Rahman.

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