Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Maidabino Investment attain yet another milestone, get MANCAP certification by SON (photos attached)


Maidabino investments has records another milestone as Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) awarded the Mandatory Conformity Assessment Programme (MANCAP) certification to its bakery.
Maidabino investment is the first ever Katsina based company to reach the standard of MANCAP certification.

MANCAP is a mandatory product certification scheme put in place by SON to ensure that all locally manufactured products in the country conform to the relevant Nigerian Industrial Standards (NIS) before such products are presented for sale in the market or exported.
In his speech, the founder of Maidabino group of companies Alh Tarih Maidabino expressed his gratitude to the customers whom have been patronizing his business which he started around 1996.
He encourages other businesses of his like to emulate his company and obtain the MANCAP certificate as it is a guarantee that your product can be shipped anywhere in the world.
Alh Tarih Maidabino
Founder Maidabino Investment

Alh Mannir Talba

State coordinator SON

Abdulkarim Maidabino
MD Maidabino Investment


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