Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Bride Slaps Her Groom's Mother Back Over Food In Lagos... And Wedding Scattered


A Nigerian on social media platform, Twitter, has narrated how a heart-breaking scene played out to the shock of everyone at a wedding in Lagos.

The bride and groom's mother slapped each other live on the wedding day. According to the narrator, the fight erupted over food.

Read the shocking details below:

"I asked a colleague how her weekend went and she said she went for a wedding in Lagos and something dramatic happened Guys! I can't laugh alone...

My colleague is a friend to the groom and as such, had to represent. They worked back in day as bankers in one of the top generation Banks. There was lotsa food and drinks, DJ was on point, everything was going on smoothly.

But then again, both the groom and the bride cooked separately to ensure the meal gets to all the people they invited (which i think is the norm these days with Yoruba weddings) but unfortunately, the food on the groom side had finished in no time.

Then walked in a very important guest from the groom's family, a very close relation of the mother in law of the bride. He apparently showed up late and she needed to have them served. they were just too important not to be entertained.

The mother-in-law approached the bride to speak to her caterer to have them serve her guests who had just arrived. To her surprise, she declined and said the food remaining was for some guests at home.

The mother in law ignored her and went to dish out some food from the cooler and ordered it to be taken to the guest who were already seated and waiting
. The caterer couldn't stop her because after all, she was the mother of the groom!

Next thing, the bride came down from the car and ordered that the food be returned. the guys carrying the food were confused. the bride actually went by herself, collected the tray and poured the food back into the cooler.

The Mother-in-law felt too embarrassed and disrespected that she slapped the bride. The bride returned the slap! the heavens let loose.

There was chaos everywhere. The groom and the groomsmen were so disappointed. He (husband) said he wasn't interested in the solemnization of the union anymore. He left along with his family members. The bride too left as well.

In the end, my colleague kukuma packed her 'Kaya' and left, leaving a huge number guest murmuring and stuff at what had transpired.

Author: verified_user