Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Miscreants and the Politicization of Durbar Festival in Zazzau Emirate. By Hasheem B Ahmad


The Durbar festivals which are popularly known as 'Hauwan sallah' are cultural displays that have been in existence for over one hundred years. These cultural festivals are not being displayed only in zazzau emirate but almost in the entire northern part of the country. 

It is a tradition where the emir and his minsters  popularly known as traditional title holders, go round the ancient city of Zaria to exchange pleasantries with their people. The king or the emir would wave at his people and they too would happily wave at him.
It is a very important festival because people will have the opportunity to see their traditional leaders directly and greet each other. Traditional musics and drums are used, Horses, traditional attire, local guns, and other traditional instrument are being displayed.
 Unfortunately, this cultural festival is now turning into something very bad and  the essence of its existence is being eroded. Our society is facing serious insecurity and the perpetrators are mainly youths. It is disheartening to see that our traditional leaders are the ones that use our youths in a very bad way. Anyone who is familiar with hauwan sallah will believe with me that the traditional leaders use some intoxicated thugs who normally walk in front of them with cutlass, knives and other dangerous weapons. All these activities are being performed in the presence of security personnel, but they have no right to arrest them because they have immunity on that very day. The question we should ask our selves here is that, why is it that the children of these traditional leaders are not there? 
The second aspects of this durbar festival is the politicisation of the the program. Some of the emir's ministers are politicians. They actively participate in politics. In fact, some of them are contesting for some political offices. 
What is more worrisome here is that, these traditional leaders who turned into politicians, use this festivals to politically campaign for themselves. For instance, Jakadan Zazzau and Galadiman Ruwan Zazzau Used their political posters and billboards during the festival which is totally wrong because it might cause chaos from their political opponents 
 For this historic and traditional festival to be continued in a very decent manner, the emir of zazzau and other authorities concerned should banned the use of miscreants, thugs and intoxicated youths because we should not encourage them in doing such bad things. How can we free our society from all acts of violence and terrorism if we give them the money with which they buy Indian hemp and other intoxicated things? Those who are actively in politics should not be allowed to use any campaigning materials during the festival because it may likely cause political violence.


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