Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Investigation| How officers of NSCDC brutally assault private security vigilante in Katsina (Photos) attached


Cliqq Magazine had an exclusive interview with a security guard named Sani who is attached to Fatima Shema Estate who was brutally assaulted on Sunday 8th June, 2018 by officers of the Nigerian Security & Civil defense corps in Katsina causing great injuries.

Cliqq Magazine: Can you tell us your name & what do you do for a living?
My name is Sani, a resident of Dandagoro and I am a security (Vigilante) attached to Fatima Shame estate.
Cliqq Magazine: Can you tell us what happened between you and officers of the Nigerian Civil defense Corps on Sunday 8th of June 2018?
What happened was, there is a rule which mandated that after 10pm, tricycles & motorcycles should not be allowed entry into the estate for security purposes. So one of their officers wearing kaftan came back to the estate at around 11pm, when he arrived, I told him about the rule and that the stipulated time has passed, so he discharge the commercial motorcyclist and began abusing my parents which I couldn’t resist, so I abused him back. So he left threatening that he will take drastic measures against me. After a while, at around 12am midnight, he came back along with other officers including him. The names of the officers are Murtala Tambai, Yusuf Shafiu Shinkafi and Abdulmumini Modoji.

Cliqq Magazine: From where did he brought them?
The officers he brought were attached to a government official residence of one Special Adviser that resides within the estate.
But for the officer, he works at the Civil defense outpost attached to the estate, which he reports daily by 8pm for his night shift.
When they arrived, they asked me to follow them back to the estate office, which I told them I have to inform my superiors before I leave. After my response they began to hit me with their gun and boots, my colleagues seeing how desperate the officers were, quickly called our superior who resides within the estate to inform him on the situation regarding my situation, but despite all plea, they kept hitting me and began to drag me on the floor until we reached my boss residence which he immediately intervened and questioned them on why where they dragging and beating me like a criminal, I narrated the story to him on what exactly happened. Upon that, they also called their superior too, after his arrival, he expressed disappointment with the way they treated me and ordered them to take me to the hospital for immediate treatment which they did. But unfortunately I was left alone at the hospital to cater for my bills for the injuries they inflicted on me.
Cliqq Magazine: Have you taken any measures to report the incident to the police or any other relevant agency?

I was being told by the estate committee to be patient and that they will take all necessary action and steps to ensure justice is served. But as I speak to you now, I have not heard anything from them
Cliqq Magazine reached out to the spokesperson of the Nigerian Civil defense corps for his comment on the issue but he told reporter that he was not aware of such matter.


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