Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Umar Tata write open letter to Gov Masari on Students scholarship


Umar Abdullahi Tata

Your Excellency,
I am writing to you this letter with respect for your office and goodwill for your person hoping that you will understand and receive it as coming from a fellow compatriot, who wish the best for my state, not a foe, who wants to take over from you, even though that is my wish Inshaa Allah.

I am encouraged to write to you directly for the first time ever because of the piece of information that I received, in which you upbraided all those hired APC interlopers, to henceforth bring to your attention anything I write, for your directive before replying to me. With this I am certain you will inshaa Allahu get to see this letter.
Your Excellency do you know that students of Katsina origin, studying in our tertiary institutions across the country were last paid their bursary (scholarship) allowances in 2015/2016 session? This is for the lucky continuing students. New intakes for 2016/2017 and 2017/2018 sessions are yet to receive anything since they were admitted. Simply put, no bursary award was ever paid to our kids since you came to power! This I want to believe is against the promise you made to these poor chaps when they overwhelmingly voted for you in 2015! 
Ordinarily I am supposed to celebrate this inhumanity as a tool to use against you in my quest at upstaging you, but I am not a sadist. Anything that touches a soul in Katsina touches me and anything that will make the life of a Bakatsine better makes me happy even if it is a Masari that does it. We all know that stopping the payment of exammination fees for our secondary school kids was a policy widely advertised by your government, but Sir we were never told when stoppage of bursary award was made a policy by your government. If it is, kindly come out and tell us, if it is not, kindly direct the immediate settlement of this liability please.
Bursary award, as negligible as the money is, is mighty to our students. In our days Sir, even though you were a foreign student and never did your A level in Nigeria, we anxiously look forward to the day for this payment as we eagerly do look forward to moonsighting in Ramadan. Talking about Ramadan, there is no better period to show you have a heart than now when we are only hours away from Ramadan Sir!
Kindly be a father to these kids and pay them in full their bursary entitlements now please.
Yours Sincerely
Umar Abdullahi Tsauri Tata
Tata Social Media Campaign Organization DG Office 


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