Sunday, 26 November 2017

Like It Or Not, #Letbilyaminubellorest!, Immorality And Decadence In Social Media By Sadiq Umar Abdullahi;


Today marks the 7th day since we lost a friend called "BILYAMINU BELLO" as a result of a tragic, heinous, cynical and despicable domestic violence/manner that any one can imagine. Bilyaminu was a gentle person by nature and did not have a history of bad character, drugs and neither did he have a bad reputation.

May His Soul Rest In Peace. Amin ya Rahman. It is even more disturbing that the person responsible for taking his life was the person that is supposedly meant to be closest to him. His life partner, his best friend and more repulsive is that person was his spouse who goes by the name of "MARYAM SANDA". The manner in which Maryam took Bilya's life is still being sunk in by so many people, most of them, family and friends, but most especially, his wife, “MARYAM SANDA".

The most unfortunate part of the matter is that, the complete truth of the story and what led to Binyamin’s death, how the act was carried out will forever remain a mystery given the situation of Maryam pleading not guilty in court. May Allah SWT/God Almighty, judge her accordingly and HE is the "BEST OF JUDGES".

The options available regarding the tragic event are of which Maryam has been subjected to the first one and guided by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The second option is the authority of the people involved who have the right and capacity to claim the full wrath of the rule of law by charging Maryam to court and demand for punishment to be imposed, with the exception of one person,"BILYAMINU", of which the rest have already forgiven Maryam. In that case, who are we as his friends, affiliates and associates to challenge their decision.

Most of the people that have been crying out "JUSTICE FOR BILYAMINU" should reflect on the teaching and "SUNNAH" of "PROPHET MOHAMMED, (PBUH) based on the instruction of Allah SWT to shield and cover any negative actions of the deceased because it does not do him any justice, rather, it only distorts his Resting place in the Grave. Among those people advised to stop putting up videos of the wedding party of the married couple and other events that are not in accordance with the faith of both the deceased and the accused, the person said," The videos of the wedding party were being uploaded to prove that the marriage was one of two people that were in love to counter the utterances of some individuals that claim it was an arranged marriage of convenience.

The same person was asked," Would you rather displease Allah SWT by proving to people that it was a marriage of two people in love and displease Allah SWT, the person responded by saying, how is a video clip of their wedding party displeasing to God Almighty?" That proves and gives clear evidence of the "PROPHET,(PBUH)" saying, their will come a time when his "SUNNAH" and the words of Allah SWT in the "HOLY QURAN" will all fade away leaving only the words written in the Quran. The person has forgotten that every time the mixing of men and women in the same place, the music that encourages pleasures of this world with regard to all things forbidden by Allah SWT and the extravagant lifestyle of the rich and famous are all forbidden in the religion of Islam.

To that effect, those fighting for Maryam to be prosecuted, convicted and punished accordingly should apply the "SUNNAH OF THE PROPHET,(PEACE BE UPON HIM) and the words of "ALLAH SWT IN THE HOLY QURAN" as opposed to the true depiction of how western vices have infiltrated and overwhelmed the religion of Islam and our society to a larger extent. Allegedly tampering with evidence by the mother of the wife and only God knows who else at the scene of the offense would have made more sense and would have carried more weight.

Most of the people that have turned the tragic event into a comedy circus have never seen or met Bilyaminu or Maryam, including myself whereby the former is the one I can claim to know and be writing this piece in his interest because I have never met Maryam Sanda and have never heard her voice. It is worth noting that all those involved will be brought forth to account for their statements and utterances before Allah SWT on judgment.

Every time they write or turn the matter to a joke, Bilyaminu will be awaken from his slumber in the grave to be shown the kind of life he lived and what people are saying about him. "MAY ALLAH SWT GIVE HIM THE ABILITY TO ANSWER HIS QUESTIONS IN THE GRAVE. AMIN YA RAHMAN".

They should look into their souls and be truthful to themselves by praying for Bilyaminu, instead of causing a scene on social media for attention on their pages and making fun of the situation. The truth of the matter is, “MARYAM SANDA" had more rights over all of them and Bilyaminu died as her husband being the only person that should have been the first for Maryam to seek forgiveness from after Allah SWT.

Unfortunately, Bilyaminu is gone and it is impossible for Maryam to have that privilege. The third option is to let Maryam face her CREATOR/ALLAH SWT of which the punishment of her crime has already been prescribed by HIM in this life or wait till the hereafter and be judged by HIM. Sadly, Bilyaminu Bello is gone. His wife is in custody. The family that raised him as their own son have forgiven Maryam. Allah SWT has prescribed HIS authority and punishment for her crime against humanity. The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has prescribed its authority and punishment for her actions, which is being pursued by the government through a court of competent jurisdiction. That is why it is advisable for people to stop making fun of the situation through cartoons and pictures on social media because as the old saying goes,"

WHAT GOES AROUND,COMES BACK AROUND AND THAT IS THEIR TEST FROM THE MOST EXALTED,THE MOST HIGH,(ALLAH SWT/GOD ALMIGHTY)". People should be aware that it is not the first time that such a heinous crime has happened. It happens every day and it will not be the last time it happens, “MAY ALLAH SWT PROTECT US FROM SUCH DEVASTATING CONSEQUENCES". It is arguable that the publicity of the matter is because "BILYAMINU BELLO AND MARYAM SANDA" comes from the elite families in Nigeria which has spurred their story across the world and has made the situation uncontrollable with maximum publicity.

That goes to show and gives credence about people from poor backgrounds have no relevance in society due to the fact that the same incident happened in "ZAMFARA STATE" a few days after Bilyaminu Bello was killed by his wife, but it is abundantly clear that no one knows the name of the girl that committed the same offense and no one is following up on their case, let alone get such publicity because they are not from an elite family of prominent Nigerians.

Their actions will only make things worse, rather than good and no matter what they do, it is heart breaking that Bilyaminu Bello is gone and will never come back to life.

"LET BILYAMINU BELLO REST". May Allah SWT/God Almighty continue to bless, guide and protect us with his infinite wisdom and mercy. Amin ya Rahman.

Written by Sadiq Umar Abdullahi

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