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The residents of "KATSINA ESTATE, KAFE DISTRICT, and ABUJA" have commenced the pursuance of their fundamental human rights conferred upon them by the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, as amended. The home owners and tenants have been in disagreements with the "KATSINA ESTATE MANAGEMENT" that managed the estate during its construction based on the award of contract given to them by the predecessor of the new government in power riot to the 2015 general elections when "FORMER GOVERNOR IBRAHIM SHEHU SHEMA" was in charge of all affairs in the state.
The inception of "KATSINA ESTATE" was initiated by the "LATE PRESIDENT UMARU MUSA YAR'ADUA OF BLESSED MEMORY". Former Governor of Katsina state, Alhaji Ibrahim Shehu Shema carried out its completion during his tenure. The land that was used to build the estate was encroached by an estate developer of "SARAHA ESTATE" popularly known as "ALHAJI KABIRU" from "KOGI STATE". Former Governor Ibrahim Shema took him to court and won the legal proceedings which led to the demolition of several people from different ethnicities and religion.

The victims of the demolition sought an audience with the then Former Governor of Katsina state of which he generously instructed them to pay for the land and other developments fee in order to keep the ownership of their properties. It was because if the case that people started accusing "FORMER GOVERNOR IBRAHIM SHEHU SHEMA" of selling properties that belonged to Katsina state to people from different regions of the country. The development that was applauded by many and presumed to admirable in every way has lately come under public scrutiny with questions being raised as to the legality of infrastructural facilities in the home structures that shows several omissions as stipulated by the contractors and the previous government officials in Katsina state. It is because of such discrepancies that, both the tenants and home owners residing in the estate decided to investigate, make observations and identified the setbacks in the estate with regard to facilities and contractual infringements within the structures, including some external deficient features as well.

The contract of the "ESTATE MANAGEMENT" that was constituted by the previous government has expired for almost a year but they still claim to have authority over facilities that were installed in the estate for the benefit of its residents like "FACILITY FEES, WATER FACILITY, ELECTRICAL POWER FACILITY, and SECURITY FACILITY AND ENVIRONMENTAL FACILITY". The aggrieved residents have made their grievances very clear and have informed the interim management team that they are very much aware of their rights and are willing to go to any length to pursue the "FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHTS" conferred on them by the supreme laws of the country in the 1999, (CFRN) as amended.

Managing an estate with an iron fist without the "MANDATE OF THE HOME OWNERS AND TENANTS" is unjust and unfair. It will only lead to chaos on those that try to do so. The residents have made it blatantly clear that Nigeria is a country governed by the "RULE OF LAW" which in this case happens to be in their favour by virtue of section 37, (Family and private life). The breach of this section has hindered the residents from living a private family life in the estate due to the fact that the estate management have been unlawfully imposing rules that deny the residents the privileges of carrying out their activities and be independent of the management with unlawful dilution that they have to go through the management office to enjoy privileges that are theirs to enjoy by the prescribed laws of the land. Section 38, (Right to Religion, thought and conscience). The breach of Section 38 has interfered with the religious obligations of both Muslims and Christians as their religions has made it compulsory for tenants to stay clean while practicing their faiths which requires the use of water facilities in order to carry out their religious obligations. Section 39, (Right to Freedom of expression).


The residents have the right to express their views and opinions within the confines of the "RULE OF LAW". Section 40, (Right to Freedom of Association). By breaching section 40 of 1999, (CFRN), tenants have been denied the right to invoke the above named fundamental human right which gives them the right to join the estate management association and vice-versa. Enforcement of any action henceforth is considered null and void to the extent of the inconsistency of the presumed authority by the "INTERIM ESTATE MANAGEMENT TEAM" that is operating on a fictional and fantasy state of constituted powers they have not acquired in anyway.
All rights conferred on the citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria are optional. All citizens may choose to pursue and enjoy their fundamental human rights and can equally choose not to pursue them should they choose not to do so. The "INTERIM CONSTITUTED MANAGEMENT" and the "GOVERNMENT OF KATSINA STATE" have no authority whatsoever to dictate or implement laws that will be binding on the residents of the estate regardless of being home owners or tenants. A question was posed to a member of the "INTERIM MANAGEMENT TEAM" who replied by stating " If a person cannot afford to live in an estate with such requirements, rules and regulations, the person should consider living somewhere else instead that he/she can afford".
To be fair to the member that gave the answer, his statement carries some weight but still doesn't suffice with the matter under contention. The fact that the houses and structures in the estate have been sold to individuals from all over the country as sole owners of the properties has stripped the management and Katsina State from exercising such authority. This clearly shows that "HOME OWNERS AND TENANTS" have a higher authority of constituting their management team, rule, regulations and elect members they feel will provide better services for them, including security and protection of their interest as a community.

It is no surprise that the "INTERIM MANAGEMENT" lost their vote of confidence from the residents. Their illegal conduct keeps increasing at a rapid scale and the residents have been identifying lapses with regard to their legal privileges. The interim management claim that they are indebted to a security company at the sum of 15 million Naira since the Katsina State government built the estate that signed a contract with the previous government of "ALHAJI IBRAHIM SHEHU SHEMA" having no option but to use the unlawful extortion of the tenants to service their debts in order to provide security for the residents that a vast number of them only moved in less than six months ago. "IMPUNITY AND FRAUDULENT ACTS" best describes such illegal conducts. They have given the residents an ultimatum to pay or "FORCE MAJURE" will be imposed on them as opposed to persuasion.
The management have also threatened the residents to pay their illegal fees prescribed in the estate or loose the privileges enjoyed by them as a matter of noncompliance to their unlawful rules and regulations. The management having built 50 boreholes have denied homeowners and tenants to build theirs as an alternative water facility system which the constitution of the estate clearly state a homeowner and tenants can use their water facility if "INTERESTED". (1) The estate belongs to its home owners! (2) The estate belongs to its tenants! (3) The estate belongs to its legally constituted management that has earned the mandate of the home owners and tenants!

Looking at the pictures with names of both home owners and tenants does not add up and absolutely unfair because the rates of expenses of one who live in a "DUPLEX WITH 4 BEDROOM APARTMENTS AND ONE WHO LIVES IN A DUPLEX WITH 3 BEDROOM APARTMENTS SHOULD BE DIFFERENT. A PERSON LIVING IN A 2 BEDROOM APARTMENT SHOULD HAVE A RELATIVELY LOWER RATE AS WELL. Unfortunately, the interim management is not of the same opinion. The figures and images speak for themselves.
Looking closely, it is as simple as naming all he alphabets to see that those in "HIGH GOVERNMENT POSITIONS, SENATORS, FEDERAL MEMBERS, HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, JUDGES, BUSINESS TYCOONS, ROYALS AND THE PRIVILEGED" have been omitted from the list, including my self-living in number 26, Musa Sada Road, Katsina Estate leaving only those in 2 bedroom apartment at the mercy of the "INTERIM MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE". As for my part and in simple words, my integrity does not have a price and I consider the act as a tactical for of bribery for all those that can speak up in order seal their lips from voicing out for those that can't in the estate. The "INTERIM ESTATE MANAGEMENT" should know that I will always be available to fight for the right of the defenseless and those that do not know what they are entitled to by law in the regardless of "RELIGION,ETHNICITY AND POLITICAL INCLINATION" in Federal Republic of Nigeria. It is a result of such an unfortunate activities, I demand that my home address and everyone who's privileges have been waived to be included just as every other person that resides in the estate in order to prevent "INJUSTICE AND PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT" given to the rich, educated and powerful.
Readers and viewers should kindly go through the names and prescribed amounts of payments in the images below. Having said all that, we are hereby demanding that all names should be included in the list of names pasted by the "INTERIM MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE" and we would like them to provide statements of accounts from their management office and that of the state government to prove that they are working for the state and have been remitting the funds being collected from the residents to the Katsina state government as a source of revenue claimed by them. The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, (PRESIDENT MUHAMMADU BUHARI, and GCFR) is from Katsina state where his fellow indigenes in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja are being oppressed without his knowledge.
The President does not take such matters lightly and the nature of the breach of fundamental human rights could be considered as a form of political corruption to a certain extent. Such corrupt practices in all "ESTATES" across the country in all six regions where it residents and their rights are being violated can be included in his governments war against corruption. The residents will most certainly send petitions to all relevant authorities. Should the "INTERIM MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE OF KATSINA" choose not to comply with legal requests of its home owners and tenants, legal action will most certainly be further pursued and all relevant documents and contractual discrepancies from inception of the estate will be properly documented and forwarded to the "ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL CRIMES COMMISSION, (EFCC), under the "ACTING CHAIRMANSHIP OF ALHAJI IBRAHIM MAGU".
The "INTERIM MANAGEMENT,THE RICH,THE ELDERS,THE GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS" are very much aware that if they do not accountant for their oppression and unlawful conducts in this life, they will most certainly stand before their Lord on the day of reckoning and they will all be sufficient for their own accountability. "ALLAH SWT/GOD ALMIGHTY IS WELL ACQUAINTED WITH THEM IN THIS LIFE AND THE HEAR-AFTER. May Allah SWT/God almighty continue to bless, guide and protect us with his infinite wisdom and mercy.
Amin ya Rahman.

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