Sunday, 22 October 2017

Masari Media Aide Yulaks Joins The Fight Against Umar Tata As He Defends Maiwada Danmallam-Must Read


I have been following a sponsored crew of retarded cretinous self acclaimed writer(s) who exposed their antipathy for the Pen-man Maiwada Danmallam. I really appreciate how quick you were to confess Maiwada as your only antipathy due to nothing but his artistry. It astonished me how you took that pregnancy for long before you could finally deliver.

You only succeeded in elevating Maiwada as much as you availed every sensible reader the opportunity to comprehensibly understand who you are and the volume of envy contained in your mind against the Super Writer. Your vitroils against Maiwada was nothing but a mark of irresponsibility and disrespect which of recent has become your new way of political intimidation. Not long ago you did same to Ibrahim Shema, your mentor, brother and only warrior least to say Maiwada Dammallam. You should be ashamed of this new approach to politics especially on writing lines.

I want to ask where were you when your principal wrote a scandalous letter to his supporters after he woefully lost the governatorial election? It attracted responses widely but with no rejoinder from you. When your principal wrote that mirthful letter to his party, the late PDP it equally generated responses from the public but you choose to ignore it. He again wrote another waggish letter to his younger brother for joining the great APC and yet you were nowhere to respond to the many comments made then. Even after the comedy a kori Yunwa you couldn't write a line in defence of the many accusations labelled against your benefactor. You are funny not to have noticed when your principal concucted a twist against an Imam on President Buhari's health, people accused and abused him for that blatant attempt to cause tension simply because he parted ways with the Izala movement. Am sure you were asleep then. However, you are now awake since it involved Maiwada the intelligent.

I put it to you that you defended nothing but faithfully elaborated your envy against the God given prowess of Maiwada Dammallam. Weldone for taking your time to do just that!! We now know Maiwada is intelligent enough to have attracted a gang of envious graduates and political loosers.

On that I pity how ignorant you are about self worth. Why should you as youths look for self worth in the eyes of your benefactor? Look for it from within your conscious and if you are lucky your conscious is at peace then you will ascend higher, brag more as graduates and student of Kperogis school of thought and have the likely chances to one day win an election. However, these vituperations would perhaps take you nowhere but where you will hate to be.

Note also, Maiwada didn't lobby for intelligence and writing skills.. it's God given and Maiwada has never claimed the monopoly of knowledge as you disgustingly kept repeating in your hate and envious writings. The Maiwada millions of greater minds know is steadfast in his cause. He is for President Muhammadu Buhari and Governor Masari. He is an APC supporter hence his promptness in reply to any unethical accusations against the governments or persons of Buhari and Masari. He has every reason to arm himself with facts to write intelligently and defend the government he helped ascend to power. He has been in the struggle for the past 17 years unlike your benefactor who couldn't maintain a position in the field hence his missing the ball all the time.

Least I forget, while I appreciate your vanguard for TaTa, kindly be extra careful about your membership. There is a traducer whose aim is always to slander, vilify, tarnish the good image of others and very covetous is sitting on your walls and have played a dangerous role already in escalating these exchanges for his envy. Very envious!!! I am sure Tata as an individual did NOT ask anybody to question the personal life of Maiwada but that interloper did. He lurks among you and generated that nonsense. I wish you let us know if he is Tatanian or not because he is an envious and slandrous guy. If you keep him around you Tata should be ready to accept any of his crimes because his singular misdeed was instrumental to Maiwada throwing a challenge on source of wealth which many readers and you never noticed. Sanitise your crew to ensure sanity else all his rude actions would be attributed to Tata.

On a final note, I want to let you know that Sam Nda Isah is a pharmacist as well as Adamu Adamu and yours sincerely have never seen the four walls of a University. Maiwada is endowed by Gods leave. So leave him alone and concentrate on your grains reserves.

Author: verified_user