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It's Time We Call Governor Masari To Order Before He Destroys What Our Forefathers Built With Their Sweats, Blood And Tears-Abdulrahman Danja


Governor Masari became Katsina state governor for the last two years. Although he's not capable enough to lead a state like Katsina, but his campaign manifesto and the reputation of Muhammadu Buhari was used as a yardstick for predicting what kind of governor he would make. They campaigned for him as if he had plans for taking our state to the next level of development.

They made promises and have succeeded in fooling people to vote for him. But in just two years, both those who voted him and those who did not vote, have started seeing the consequences of voting him.
A lot of people that knows Governor Masari very well which includes the like of Umar Tata is had warned us about voting him but we didn't listen. Had it been we listen, we would not have started regretting the action we committed two years ago.

We can't continue blaming those who voted for Masari without blaming Masari himself because he was the one who fooled them into believing he is the person he said he was while he's not.

He made them to believe that he was going to take everyone along irrespective of party differences. But in just two years, people haven now realized Masari was never any closer to the person he pretended to be during his campaign. At the time when his colleagues are busy making their campaigned promises comes to reality, Masari is busy arresting people of the opposition each time they gets in his way.

Governor Masari’s hundred days came and went with no single achievement to show or be proud of because of resources mismanagement. The money that could have been channeled to executing projects like paying WEAC and NECO to katsina state students and  has a comparative advantage and a multiplier effect that will in turn boost our state economy and even improved the wellbeing of Katsinawa. But rather 130 million naira was used in order to win Mashi/Dutsi by election which on the other side this amount of money would have been valuable to students of katsina if it was use in the proper way.

The same Masari who during his campaign boosted he would alone fix everything has now ended up of destroying everything including our core values which were the foundation that holds us together as a state. The state that our forefathers built with  sweat, blood and tears of hard work in which we got the symbol of "Katsina Dakin Kara" Is the same state that he is trying so hard to destroy in just two years since the start of his administration.

This is the kind of state we are living today. Thanks to Masari! Though that's what happens when you don't listen to People's advice that seems to care but chose to listen to Liars who tell you exactly what u want to hear. I hope we don't make this same mistake in the future.

I also pray to Allah never to test us with the likes of Masari who uses their office's given power to stop people like Umar Tata from honoring Allah's command in this holy month.

Subhanallah! What kind of person does this?

During our Islamiyya days our malams used to tell us that Allah himself directed the wealthiest amongst us to feed those who could not afford to feed themselves in this holy month and even in the other subsequent months. Some of our Islamic clerics take this command seriously which is why they believe feeding those who could not feed themselves is not only optional but also necessary either in the month of Ramadan or in any other month as long as you are financially capable and this is what Umar Tata has been doing throughout his life before he even dream of becoming a politician.

To Tata, helping the less privileged ones is what he enjoys doing since from the beginning of his childhood. I used to hear him say he can't imagine his life going a day without helping people in need. This is who Tata was before people stated putting hope in him to become a governor, to my thought I think any governor would pray to have people like Tata in their states, while those who already have one should thank God and that is katsina, Tata spent more than 32 billion naira from 2011 to 2015 just to make the life of Katsinawa better at the expense of his. This man that spent this amount of money what do u think will happen when one day he finds your money and wealth in his hand? Certainly he'll take katsina higher than it was before.

This is the kind of person we are dealing with in 2017. The kind who's threatening our wellbeing. This is why at this point I would want people to know that this isn't a partisan issue or our hatred to katsina state government. It's about our dear state Katsina. Tata is the only
Written By
Abdulrahman Danja

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