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Guest Post |The 6-Step Guide On How To Sell Your House Using Online Services


The 6-Step Guide On How To Sell Your House Using Online Services

“All the world's a stage…” ~William Shakespeare
Hundreds of years ago, Shakespeare wrote that about life. He meant that we were all players and participants, acting out different roles in different situations and phases of life. Now, if we were to say the same about the internet today, it wouldn’t be that different. Hasn’t the internet become a stage where people meet, interact, communicate and share? They act out different roles; they celebrate different phases of lives and grow along.

But the world of internet does more than just that, it has turned into a platform to start a business, earn profits and reach out to new customers. In order to attract followers, you need to ensure that your producer service stands out and reflects the solutions people are looking out for.

A similar strategy can be applied when one is wishing to sell a house via online websites. It is the newest trend to put up your property for everyone looking for a house to see without investing in any traditional or sale tactics. It eliminates the hassles of recruiting real estate agent or trying to self-sell your property by placing up signs on your front yard or distributing out brochures to come and visit.
But does it really work? It does!

In 2012, Kurt Oprey, a resident in Northcote, Australia sold his house at $135,000 above the asking price? How is that even possible? Although, he took a different approach to sell his house, it was really the internet world that did it for him.
But before we tell you how such online real estate firms are changing the real estate property scene forever, the one thing you need in order to make a great sale is your online presence –meaning not slow internet connection. Having a reliable internet connection is a must if you want to pull this off. 
The Benefits of Selling Property Online

The middleman gets cut off:

People all around the world, particularity in Australia, have become so accustomed to sell their properties vie real estate agents that they don’t even realize that they are robbed off their money in the name of realtor fee and commission. One of the biggest perks of online real estate sales is that no compensation has to be paid to the middleman aka real estate agent. The seller receives the 100% sales value.
Multiple packages:

Most packages offered for property listings include professional photography, photographic sale boards, listings on other social platforms, printable brochures, 24/7 enquiry forwarding, professional copywriting, market comparison rates and a professional team to assist you with different strategies. And these are just a few top of the mind advantages.
Quicker sales:

Many online real estate websites even promised guaranteed sales within the first three months or less starting from the day the listing was first posted. There is no such confirmation when working with real estate agents.  So those who are seeking money on an urgent basis can really rely on online sales. 
Professional photography services:

Nearly all the packages include the services of professional photography. It is a no-secret secret that visual appeal will get more people talking as opposed to a house listing without any photos. The online platform allows potential buyers to view the house without visiting it, yet still being able to envision themselves living there. Amazing, isn’t it?
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