Friday, 19 May 2017

Budget | Katsina State Legislators Spends N13, 154 Each On Food Daily- Read for Complete Breakdown


A report compiled by daily Trust shows how states government spent much money on food alone while schools students starved.

The report shows how state government spends N100 daily per student while Katsina legislators spend N13, 154 daily per member.

No wonder states have always hide states budget from the public given the amount of money they allotted to themselves while the common man get starved of Hunger.

Below is excerpts of Daily Trust report on how much Katsina State government and state house of assembly spends on food ALONE.

 “In Katsina state, for instance, the state government is spending about N30 per meal on every boarding student in the state.

Official data shows that the state government is spending N100 daily per student for the three-square meals in the state.

On the other hand, the Katsina state governor and his deputy spend an average of N650, 000 daily on food and catering services.

Details of the state 2017 budget show that N243 million has been budgeted for food and catering services by the Katsina State Government House. The breakdown shows that the governor’s office is spending N129 million, the deputy governor N15 million and the Government House N90 million on food.

The 34 lawmakers of the Katsina State House of Assembly will spend an average of N13, 154 each on food daily. The lawmakers have budgeted N161 million for food this year.

The breakdown shows that the speaker is spending N36 million, while the 33 other lawmakers are spending N125 million for the same purpose”.
Source: Daily Trust


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