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Article | Katsina APC & The Costly Decision That Will Hunt APC Come Mahi/Dutsi By-Election


Party politics if played well with utmost transparency, openness and fairness will serve as the unshakable and unbreakable unifying backbone of that party.

All People’s Congress APC rode the power by following the simple universal rule of transparency, and fairness during its internal party politics. The result was a wave of successes and accomplishments.

While the ruling party as of that time the People’s Democratic Party PDP embarked on internal party politics that was brutal, one-sided, and dictatorial which cost them the election.
It was unbelievable to finally saw that the one party that believed in openness, transparency and fairness is now at the verge of destroying that simple universal fundamental principle. The just concluded APC primary election for the upcoming by-election come 20th of May 2017 was one-sided, dictatorial and derailed from the norms and values of APC party as a whole.

Looking at the contenders for the primary election with peculiar attention to Muhammed Auwal [Ammasco] and Mansur Ali Mashi whom were the leading favorites until dirty internal party politics storm in and forcefully swept delegates off from doing what their electorates wants.

Muhammed Ammasco loved by the people of Mashi/Dutsi, he took time to interact positively with the people, his success rating was high, he has convinced and gathered enough delegates to clinch the ticket until Katsina APC stakeholders and top government officials stormed the arena, their presence alone, subconsciously has detrimental effects to delegates.

The not so popular Mansur Mashi who is the current SA to Katsina state Governor on Radio monitoring who’s approval rating was low especially in Dusti LG had to get the support of top Govt officials and other party stakeholders who collectively connived and battle the mighty visionary Ammasco who had NO one but the electorates of Mashi, who has No one but a determined mind with a laid plan to uplift the people of his constituency.

The people of Mashi/Dutsi wanted Ammasco but APC systematically gave them Masur Mashi even though the delegates were somehow pushed so hard to vote for Mansur Mashi, it is very uncertain if the people will accept Mansur at the polls which they will be left with No option than to vote for PDP.
For APC Transparency, openness and fairness is still the ANSWER.

Written by
Yusuf Hashim Mashi

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