Friday, 25 November 2016



I finally agree with an intellectual minded unknown person on social media (FACEBOOK), called "MALAM BABA". At last, we are at an accord regarding the fact that anyone could have been "PROFESSOR ATTAHIRU JEGA" in the previous 2015 general election's in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I once had a discussion with someone very dear to me about uniting Africa as one from a continent to United State's of Africa. Although I was disheartened with his response and his opinion when he told me that the (LATE PRESIDENT OF LIBYA, MUAMAR GADDAFI) of blessed memory, who tried to unite the Arab nations, but could not accomplish his dream and vision due to different element's needed to achieve such a goal that were unavailable and needed to formidably unite the devastated sovereign nation's in the entire continent at the time he tried.

The "SUPER POWER'S", intellectually and carefully planned their diversification, under development and conquest of Africa through "COLONIZATION" by the western world, which were executed with the sole purpose of holding on to the resource's and controlling power's of the entire continent which are still being used in sustaining their economies and livelihood. It is imperative for African's to open their eyes and keep with the program by alway's trying to be one or two step's ahead for the existence and future of the continent. He told me that it was impossible and I argued to the contrary by telling him that if someone had told the founding father's of USA, the monarch's of Europe and the Arabian region's that a black man of African descent would become the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATE'S OF AMERICA", he would get the same response that was given to me by the person I was having the discussion with. I believe he would have gotten a harsher and negative response that would have been more convincing of the impossibility with regard to the matter than mine.

I believe that the requirement's include timing, circumstance's, concurrence of ideologies, dedication, vibrance and optimism. Despite all the civil war's in Africa over natural resource and the struggle for power, insurgencies, genocide and ethnic, religious and racial differences, I remain hopeful more than ever that by achieving an (AFRICAN UNION,(AU),ECONOMIC COMMUNITY OF WEST AFRICAN STATE'S), a "UNITED STATE'S OF AFRICA”, is not impossible. A simple and logical remedy among other's would be to consolidate all the resource's in Africa and distribute them equally amongst the various countries that will agree to the term's and condition's for the unification of the continent into one single unit, with a sovereign constitution that will be supreme in governing the establishment of the United countries. I might sound wayward and over ambitious with a little hint of madness. Those among the first set to join the quest might not even survive the formulation and unification, if they choose to embark on such an unimaginable quest for a better life and a brighter future for the next generation to come and the survival of my race, culture and continent.

However, I can boldly say, that it is very possible without an iota of doubt in my heart and mind. Their name's will be written in the pages of history as the pioneer's that pursued such an indelible legacy and made the ultimate sacrifice by giving their lives’ for a cause they believed in and worth dying for that will last through the age's. Besides, million's have died for less and meager aspiration's than the "UNIFICATION OF AFRICA". It is a quest that only require’s hard work, good intention's, the right people, time and circumstance's and absolute dedication, hence the expression, "LIFE BEGIN'S AT THE END OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE" and another expression that state's," IF YOUR DREAMS DON'T SCARE YOU,THEY ARE NOT BIG ENOUGH". It will also sound impossible and funny to everyone that read's my ambition's and future goal's,but I am confident and full of hope that nothing is impossible through my faith (ISLAM) and the "GOD ALMIGHTY,KING OF KING'S,THE SOVEREIGN LORD OF CREATION AND THE CREATOR OF EVERYTHING THAT IS ON EARTH AND THE HEAVEN'S,(ALLAH SWT). I reiterate, "ONLY HE WHO UNITE'S AFRICA WILL BE GREATER THAN NELSON MANDELA".

May God almighty continue to bless, guide and protect us with his infinite wisdom and mercy. Amin

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