Monday, 28 November 2016


Angela Uyi
I crave not for love but for friendship; I run away from it; the more I crave for a true friend who will see me not as a lover but a friend the more love I get from them.

In my emptiness I cried and asked if I was a curse or something.

Men seem to be attracted to me. All I wanted was someone I could be free to share my worries with but all that comes my way are men who would rather fall in love with me after getting to know me.

What the f *ck is the world turning into? Why can’t a lady have a true male as a friend who would have the power over their emotions and be just a true friend to her? We have missed the punch lines, when a lady opens up her heart for true friendship, she is directly telling the man I want you to be just who I want you to be in my life and not what you want me to be. No sex, no intimacy just friendship!

I spent almost half of my life struggling without having any friend because those who would have been my true friend finds themselves falling deeply in love with me and one would have asked “if Angela was under a spell.” No! Angela is too good, nice, caring and a mother to everyone that even the saint would have fallen in love with her. That’s who I am.

There came a true friend Timi! Timi and I had similar experience and all he wanted from me was a true friend I knew that heaven has answered my prayers by bringing him to me. Timi became my Father, Mother, Sister, Brother and above all, my true friend. Timi and I were and we are still close friend. Yet we have sometimes or the other had our hearts shattered into brilliant collections😊 and we have at one time argued about some things that brought disagreements between us. He would want me to reason like a guy and see why ladies should stop behaving the way they are while I also wished he could reason like a lady too and see how vulnerable and light hearted ladies are.
We had our flaws, yet we were at each other's beck and call. He always wants to be the one to interview my male friends to avert me getting hurt.
He was heartbroken when I told him I forgave the guy who had hurt me....he scolded me as if he was my father.
No matter what I have gone through in the past....I'd let myself cry like a baby and I applied time to heal and move on.

No matter who have hurt me, I always forgive myself and Timi would wished he could bust the person's head.

Here I am today.....
The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the circumstances, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward.
Everything ensues for a reason. People will push you around and take advantage of you so you ultimately give up on everyone and trust nobody but yourself. Life isn't easy, but we all know that.

These struggles that most of us all face are common throughout the world and we all got to learn that this only makes an individual resilient in the heart and mind. We have to accept that those nights of feeling lonely and stressed are nothing but ways to help push you into becoming a much better person. And that's what bids us a happy and wonderful life in the long run.
Sometimes being wise and being smart are two different things anyone can be smart but those who master the art of knowing what to overlook in this journey called life deserves to be called wise. Your heart will try to change your mind but your mind knows what's best for you. To be kind is more important than to be always right.

Sometimes all what we need is not an intelligent mind that speaks but a patient heart that listens. Else virtues are habits of mind, heart, and behavior. They develop through cautious practice. Forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands. Wisdom, justice, fortitude, self-control, positive attitude, hard work, integrity and humility are virtues which makes one a person of character. Sometimes Magic happens when you use the power of your heart and mind to create reality. Finally I found love, true love and I am happy and we are happy. I have created my reality and I am so much in love with the love of my life.

I was told that miracles happen when you allow the universe to manifest its love for you. As we need at least two things to live in life Heart to feel love and brain to understand it. Otherwise we will have broken hearts and confused minds. In other words never separate your mind from your heart when making relationship decisions. The purpose of the mind is to protect the heart just put your heart, mind and soul into your smallest acts. This is the secret of success in life and in any relationship.

My life is a book and I hope you will enjoy reading more from a book called Angela Uyi.

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