Monday, 28 November 2016

Interview With The Youngest Nollywood Producer Cyril Ogwu (@cyrilogwu)


The Nigerian movie industry otherwise known as Nollywood is no longer on the runway, it is taking off, not Just as the number one in Africa, but emerging fast to take over the world. One of those Film Producers that incarnate this new phase is Cyril Ogwu.

Despite his relative youth, he can already boast of a string of smash hit-movies and superb movies with more still to come. In the following exclusive, dynamic Film Producer, Actor and Director, Cyril Ogwu talks about his career and more.

What does it take to be Film Producer and Director?

It takes discipline and an entrepreneurial drive, astute business notions, good leadership skills and a flair for detecting, grooming and nurturing talents.

How long have you been in the movie industry?

As an entity, i’ve been operating for the past 7 years actively working on projects that i feel will rebrand and face lift our dying movie culture.

How does one go about Shooting a Film in Nigeria?

Normally, to shoot a professional movie, it must constitute of many facets; actors, director, location, cameras, continuity and most importantly, an Executive Producer! All these things are very important. If one can assemble some of these elements that will make a good start. When you have some or all of the just mentioned elements, then you will have to register your structure legally so as to operate like a business entity by the laws governing Nigeria.

What do you look for when casting an Actor/Actress?

There are alot of things to be considered when chosing your choice of Artist. Talent, hard work, discipline and humility. Talent without discipline is like an unsharpened pencil… It has no point! So, Talent is just not enough. We’d rather work with an average humble Actor than work with a talented indiscipline act.

What Plans do you have for your Cyril Ogwu Films?

By the Grace of God, i already have signed agreement and established partnership with various international marketers that will enable us push our movies world-wide. So i know exactly how marketing operate in the film business. You can find all of my recent activities on my official facebook page via

What’s your Advice to up & coming Actors/Actress’?

If you meet talent, protect it, guard it, Feed it, just do anything possible to make it grow and soon there will be harvest.


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