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Meet The Author Of "Tears Of Agony" & The Interim President National Youth Council Katsina State


In an interview with Cliqqmagazine.blogspot.com the president national Youth Council Katsina State chapter & author of the book "Tears Of Agony" in person of Lukman Umar kankia opened up in an interview with Cliqq Magazine on his book and Katsina Youth Council. 
Q. What can you say that resulted in the delay of the submission of the communique on the resolution of the summit that was held on the 10th of January?

 The communique has been drafted for a very long time which you have to invite stakeholders to crosscheck for any omission or observations for corrections before submitting to relevant authorities. And it takes resources to organize a gathering like this which caused the delay.

Q. What is your opinion regarding the said suspension of National Youth Council by the Hon. Minister of Youth & Sport?

I read the announcement, what he said is that he has deregistered the organization under youth council who have registry with the ministry who are part and parcel of the problems. So it is the youth that are supposed to decide not the minister, if you have been following the youth council, the former youth Minister Inuwa Abdulkadir, when he attempted to interfere into the activity of the youth council which cost him his seat, So the youth decides for the youth council not the Minister.  Last week youth at the National level met in Edo state and held an extra-ordinary congress which will lead to congress. The date for the election was fixed to hold in July.

Q. Have you encountered any set back in trying to reach to the government of Katsina?

We didn’t encounter any hitches just misunderstanding with officials of the Youth Ministry; they did what they did by installing some people who are not youth which youth rose up to and dissolve them. But we have reconciled our differences and unify to work together.

Q. Tell us the Name of the book you have launched

The title of the Novel is Tears of Agony.

Q. Can you give us a summary of what the novel is all about?

The book is about insurgency in the North East, the worst thing that ever happened in the North and to the Muslim world. As a patriotic Nigerian I deemed it a personal responsibility to decry to voice out the voice of the voiceless. After the civil war, IGBO writers wrote more than 20 books to tell the world their plight on how they cope, how they suffered and that it was genocide. So I think it is high time northern contemporary writers will stand up and write on Boko Haram. Innocent lives parish in that gruesome warfare, some were killed by the insurgent; some of them were killed by the security forces who were employed to protect them. So this is what I try to address in the book, people woke up and found themselves trapped between the insurgent and the security operatives.

Q. What inspire you to write books?

I was inspired by the desire to tell stories, the stories might not be juicy stories, because I served at the north east at the high peak of the crises so I have first hand information. I saw internally displaced person which I gathered into a book.

Q Have you ever written a book before?

It is my second book that I wrote and published, have a pending one yet to be published. The title of the first novel is The Dirty Game about politics and the struggle of General Muhammed Buhari. So I will publish the remaining one anytime I am financially okay.

Q. What is your message do you have to the teeming people that support the launching of your book?

I am short of words to register my appreciation and how happy and grateful I am for their concern, solidarity and love. I will continue to work with them as partners of progress in moving Katsina State to the promise land

Q. Your message to upcoming writers?

Well let them have the determination to write, people have dream to write books, some will start and couldn’t finish while some couldn’t have the resources to publish. If I can recall I attempted selling my car to publish my first book, so it takes extra-ordinary effort to publish a book.
So if dreamers will continue to nurture their dreams and work hard towards actualizing their dreams they will certainly prosper.

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